About  the Artist 

Aname' Rose is an R&B/Neo-soul artist from New Iberia, Louisiana. Rose has been singing since age 3 - and performed on stage for the first at 7 years old. Ever since then Aname' has made quite a name for herself. , especially in her hometown. Once residents got word of her voice she immediately got booked for weddings, festivals, church events, birthday parties, and has sang the national anthem more than once for school functions - hers and surrounding schools. At age 13, Aname' decided that she wanted pursue acting as well as singing. She started acting classes At John Robert powers and eventually landed her first movie role in 2015. The movie is a faith based drama that stars Rose, Golden Brooks, and the late Tommy Ford. she still pursues acting till tis day. a few years later, Aname' got the opportunity to be on American idol (season 16) where she made it to top 70.  shorty after she dropped the southern hit "Swing me" ft new Cupid. The song did very well and is still played in clubs and on the radio today. A few months later  she decided to dive deeper  into her passion by studying at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California. She now has an associates degree in Vocals. Aname still takes on modeling gigs, movie roles and creating more music. She plans to move to Austin, Texas at the end of the summer to continue her journey. 

Aname' Rose

About  the EP

There’s great optimism and excitement around the first official EP of Aname’ Rose. It’s been quite a while since her last release but Rose has been keeping busy with other exciting projects. In the midst of all of the new things Rose took up, she also found herself struggling in her personal life. “I think my lack of self- confidence is what kept me away from making any more music. I wasn’t passionate about myself, so how could I be passionate about anything else? The day I started thinking about other careers was the day I knew I needed to change what I was thinking and feeling about myself.” Aname’s first EP outlines her grueling journey to self - love and acceptance. With songs like “freedom” and “I am” - they pierce the soul with affirmations and the reality of living in those low moments. “ I want my fans to know that healing isn’t a straight line, there are a lot of things to uncover.”Aname’ reveals some of those feelings she felt in those songs; hoping that her listeners will find comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone. “Good Feeling” and “Talk to me” speak to her desires for romance, and what she’s looking for in the perfect guy.“ Even my dad says I’m too picky lol, but if i can manifest a free cup of coffee that has everything I want in it down to the T, then I should have no problem manifesting the man of my dreams.” Overall, Aname’ Rose opens up the door of relatability  to her fans as well as breaking the chains of fear and doubt that held her back from living a more fulfilling life. After years of doubt, she finally got the courage to put into action all of the techniques that she’d learned - Not only from Musicians Institute, her school of choice, but also all of the spiritual knowledge that she’d acquired. Aname’ is excited about the future and more excited to have fallen in love with herself enough to finally release her baby, her first EP - READY.