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Welcome to the Updates page. Here is where you will be able to find pictures, video clips, and information about all of my recent successes and performances. Also, included here is information about upcoming events!  

Recent Successes 

American Idol 

I'm sure that you've heard my name pop up a few times when American Idol made it's comeback on ABC Network.  I was very surprised at the amount of support that this city gave me, and I was happy to put New Iberia on the map. Although I was truly loved by my community, I made it to the Top 70 contestant before being cut. If you would like a more in depth explanation of my American Idol Experience, visit my Youtube page (Aname' Rose). I have a 5 part series explaining in detail everything I went through, emotions and personal opinions included. 

Performance at the State Capitol 

Yep, you read right. I was invited to sing the National Anthem by Blake Miguez (State Representative) and Taylor Barras ( The Speaker of the House) at the State Capitol before one of the sessions took place. I have to admit I was very honored and shocked that I had gotten the call. I couldn't believe that my name had gotten all the way to the Capitol. Also, I will always be included in the record book, I'll go down in history.  I sang the National Anthem on that day, April 17, 2018.  You can check out photos from that day, in the photo section of the website. 

Swing me Single

I have a new single out for all you swingers out there! The song is called Swing Me, and features the one and only New Cupid!Shoutout to everyone who made this song possible, without you it wouldn't be complete.  The song is available on all platforms and there will be a video releasing within the next weeks stay tuned for that! There are buttons on my contact page that will lead you directly to this hot, new single, and also some of the others songs that i've made.Most, if not all platforms should be listed, just click which one you use.